Why can't I be happy
Just like every one else...

The reason is...
Well lets just say...
It's hard to explane...
How can I say it...

I have No heart and i have no love
I can't feel good because of my friends
They make me feel guilty
and they make me feel bad
they make me feel good
and they make me feel rad...

I write cause i can't feel
and I can't feel cause i have no one
And i have no one cause
No one wants me

Does that make sence?
Do i really care
Do i need friends
Do i need Love

that is the answer
that is the end of my quest
no more questions
nothing to answer

He dosen't love me
and I don't want to Love Him

But that is not my desision...i have yet to learn...look before you leep
so you don't get burned

Those are reasons why i can't be happy

post please