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Thread: Why we stay!

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    Why we stay!

    tho i walk through a vally of darkness
    i see not one sole,but many within the abyss
    the feelings we shere are thoes of pain,loneyness,absence of life
    the pain we recive is torment
    the love we recive is fake
    the horror we see is real
    when we see the light it blinds us
    the darkness is all we know
    that why we stay
    thats why we hid in pain
    we are sourrounded
    surrounded by the mask of comfert
    surrounded by the eternal pain of life
    we stay because no one wants to help us
    we stay because no one cares

    ok well that how i feel right now well any way any one who is feeling that please let me know so i know im not the only 1
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