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Thread: Why wouldn't you let me in?.. ()

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    Why wouldn't you let me in?.. ()

    I had you in my dreams

    You were crying our heart out

    You wouldn't let me in

    Whenever I touched you

    Yougave me that blank,confused look/face

    My hands burnt because of the wall surrounding you

    Then several other shadowy figures started to appear

    Behind you, all of them males,

    They lusted for you

    Their evil looks, the saliva dripping from their mouths

    I was chained down

    I cried till I was crying blood

    They grabbed you

    I struggled

    You didn't know what to do

    My heart was imploding

    You cried, I was a beast tied in a chain

    Slowly, they started taking advantage of you

    Whispering what theyhad said to you

    And you had said to them

    Before, now

    "Am I loved by you?" They asked, you said yes...

    [trapping you from your past and present]

    I gave up, eyes bleeding

    Heart stopping

    As they ruined you

    I couldn't help you out

    I was dead inside

    Why didn't youtell me

    Why didn't you letme in ...

    You laid there, helpless, intears, sweat ... blood

    I walked over to you, holding onto you tightly

    I woke up

    I cried the moment I did

    I don't want to loose you dammit

    Why the hell don't you understand that?

    ... Tell me everything, let me in, before it is too late

    I love you dammit, and honestly,
    for as longas I am with you ...
    I can't stand you loving another man ...

    __________________________________________________ ___
    Another ammeture poem bought to you by the wanna be poet.

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    Re: Why wouldn't you let me in?.. ()

    Whoa! Very descriptive piece of work here!

    Grammatical errors aside, this is kinda interesting. The whole, curiosity, jealousy, insecurity thing is a popular subject in the hearts and minds of humans. I like how you made your nightmare seem like it was so real. It's a bit dark for my tastes, but it's pretty good none-the-less.


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    Re: Why wouldn't you let me in?.. ()

    aww rushil i know u 2 are great together and i donno why shes not letting u in i thought u guys were open?.....maybe not as much as i tought by reading this

    but its a wonderful poem it will show her how much you really care for her and how much u wanna protect her in this life i hope it all works out ok and wonderful poem rushil i really injoyed readling it but not in a happy way its just i love to see you show your emotions

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