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Thread: By the Window, She Sat

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    By the Window, She Sat

    I remember you sitting by that window
    bathing yourself in the warm breeze of solitude.
    You took a breath of life from me, the first time I beheld you,
    even when stretched between us seemed an infinite distance.
    Me, hidden under the looming shadow of a tree
    You, seated above higher than the clouds
    Me, staring awestruck at you
    for a long time, maybe hours, maybe even days
    That, I couldn’t remember, everything just felt timeless.

    One afternoon, it was raining
    I was there, beneath the tree.
    At first, you took notice only of the people scurrying below,
    like ants searching for dry holes to escape the rain.
    You smiled at the silliness of the thought,
    and it was then you set your eyes on that faraway tree
    and perceived the man standing beneath it,
    he who didn’t mind the rain.
    We let the rain continue
    and stared for countless moments,
    neither willing to give up nor to let go
    of each other’s gaze.

    A ritual was held everyday
    Only two participated –
    the goddess and the mortal.
    The goddess enthroned herself high above the clouds,
    she shone so brilliantly, she looked like she was part of the sky.
    The mortal humbly remained below and far,
    in shame and respect, he hid himself beneath the shadow of a tree.
    Silence was our main tradition,
    your grace reigning over melodious serenity.
    No one else knew, however,
    how we were not quiet at all.
    It was the wind who brought our whispers to each other
    It was in that way I serenaded you everyday.

    amidst the hundreds of people walking,
    the sound of a gentle laugh halted me from my path.
    It sounded so near, it could not have been the wind who brought it.
    I turned around, thinking I could not have been mistaken.
    It was you who passed by.
    You stopped in your tracks,
    the few people walking with you quite surprised as you suddenly did so.
    Slowly, you also turned around.
    Our eyes met, how strange it felt,
    under the spell of your stare, I quavered a bit,
    being this close to you , it never felt so real before.
    The wind soared in different directions,
    the grasses and trees swayed along around us.
    We were face to face.

    I once saw crystals in your eyes,
    it happened on a peculiar rainy night as I made my way home.
    You were there by that window again, this time, though,
    you let your whole body and head lean on the window’s frame
    and let your hand hang freely out the sill, offering it to the rain.
    Frailly you lay, looking placidly at the black sky, as if waiting
    for something to arrive.
    I turned at the same direction, and saw
    of all things
    a falling star.

    The crystal-like tears fell from your eyes
    and with a swift lightning of despair,
    I watched as your radiance diminished.
    I was afraid you’d fall, but instead the wind carried you,
    the raindrops veiled around your pale body.
    With arms reached out, you began to drift towards me
    Caressing my face gently, I felt your stone cold hands
    and I held them with my trembling own.
    We let the rain continue
    and held each other for countless moments,
    neither willing to give up nor to let go
    of each other.

    “The stars ceased falling,
    now and forevermore out of reach.
    No longer will I dream
    and hope for that wish.”

    By that window where she sat
    Without her there, the heavens shattered, the shadows reigned.
    Yet all I can feel is the unbearable weight of my soul.
    The grasses stopped swaying, the flowers stopped blooming,
    the wind stopped soaring, even the children stopped laughing.
    In the gloomy dungeon of my memories
    remains that throne where she shone like a goddess
    by that window where she once sat.

    ~Eleonne Prince

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    Re: By the Window, She Sat

    Wow! Such lovely piece of words, I am amazed! Keep them up! I love them really!

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    Re: By the Window, She Sat

    That was a very good poem. It was so romantic and it made me feel like it was me who experienced that. I really liked it. I look forward to reading more of your work.

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    Though I know my words would mean nothing more than less, here are my comments...

    All those seven little poems were delightful.. Though I felt a little perplexed at first, I found the uniting source later on, so I believe I understood the depth within these poems. They all had a great foundation ~!!!!! The words implanted and the built-in structure in these poems were magical - truly. All didn't fell short to bring fond memories. Even though it is lengthy, making it a steep path for the reader, they carried enough energy to make me continue reading till the end..... Great work, Miss! I feel honored to read your poems. I will be looking forward to read more in the near future.
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