Winter Dilemma

Out of nowhere is where I am;

Casting my sights on unfamiliar places,

Unsure where this road will lead me

Still clinging to my spark of hope.

A wanderer is who I am;

A traveller venturing without a map,

Uncertain where these instincts lead me be

Yet I am lost in my own "make-believe".

Time is fleeting, and still I am thinking;

Will I forever live this subtle life?

I don't have all the time in this Winter

However this "time" will be taken away eventually...

The winter wind blows so harshly;

My body is freezing up to the bone

My skin is now as pale as snow,

What can become of me, no one will know.

Author's notes: well, its been a very long while since I last posted a poem here. ^^
Well, thanks for reading. By the way critiques and comments are well-appreciated. *disappears*