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Thread: Winter Time

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    Winter Time

    Hey here comes the cold
    Everyone getting ready for winter
    It's almost time for christmas
    Hey bro, what are you gonna get her?

    This is the time of happy joy
    All the little boys and girls have to be nice
    Because they know Santa is watching them
    Ladies don't be chasing the guys (yeah)

    When winter snow falls from the sky
    Little children make special things out of snow
    Parties going all around
    Men catches the women under the mistle toe (yeah)

    Come on everybody
    Its time to get in the christmas spirit
    Spreading all the cheers and joy
    I know you all can hear it

    There goes Santa in his sled
    Going to house to house
    Dropping off gifts and presents
    But he's quiet like a mouse (yeah)

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    Re: Winter Time

    aaww what a very nice simple well done poem !^.^..it really makes me want to be back where the snow is -_-...i love the winter time too.its a wonderful time!

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