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Thread: Wispers in the Darkness

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    Post Wispers in the Darkness

    I walk through town just after midnight,
    A silent stroll to ease my troubled mind,
    Whispers in the darkness, out of sight,
    Bring me to a halt, as I glance behind.

    Sounds of footsteps get aggressively quicker,
    As the fear sets in, my body grows cold,
    Out of the corner of my eye, a shadowy flicker,
    While unprepared for whats about to unfold.

    I sense an evil chill creep up my spine,
    As I spin, to avoid being caught off guard,
    "Why did I walk tonight", I quietly whine,
    As I sprint to the opposite side of the yard.

    Seconds move like hours, fears get worse,
    Mind fails to function, legs it's all up to you,
    Chased through the night by an evil curse,
    Around every corner it continues to pursue.

    Wonder if this demon is after my soul tonight,
    Whispers in the darkness I'll always dread,
    No matter what happens, it'll never be alright,
    As the Devil will forever remain in my head.
    Your life means nothing to me.

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    Re: Wispers in the Darkness

    Nice poem w/ the Darkness theme into it. It makes me think a lot about my own whispers in the dark hmmm.....intresting

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