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Thread: Within These Lies, I Must Rise

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    Within These Lies, I Must Rise

    Here I am,
    Once again.
    In my pool of darkness.

    Trying to forget,
    A memory.
    From where I stand,
    I stand alone.

    From the outside world,
    Nothing is wrong.
    But deep inside,
    A storm is raging.

    The flooding waters,
    Are my tears.
    The violent winds,
    Are my emotions thrashing to escape.

    The flashes of lightning,
    Strike the abise,
    Of my shattered heart.

    It's hard to think...
    Or even care.
    When, what once was good,
    Has turned to pain.

    Have I gone wrong?
    Have I done wrong?

    I search,
    I seek for answers.
    I only end up with sorrow.

    I feel alone,
    With no protection.
    I begin to hide,
    Within my pain.

    No words,
    Can describe how I feel.
    No amount of crying,
    Can ease my pain.

    There is no love,
    For this pathetic soul.
    My happiness,
    Has been drained from me.

    This heartache,
    Is pure torcher.
    This pain,
    Is something I can not bare.

    The numbing feeling,
    Of my body.
    This shaking,
    Is uncontrolible.

    This nightmare...
    I wish it would end.
    No more fighting.
    No more pain.

    This dream like state,
    Is my reality.
    Its so unbarible,
    How I wish it was not real.

    Here I am,
    Stuck between,
    A thought,
    Of my predicament.

    Just take me away.
    Just let me forget,
    Forget it all.

    Hardly a will.

    Laying on the cold floor,
    Trying to freeze my heart once more.
    Numbing this pain,
    Seems to be the only thing thats sane.

    My voice,
    Then falls to a whisper.
    As no one,
    Cares to listen.

    My heart slows down,
    Skipping beats and,
    Throbbing in my chest.
    Breaking me down on the inside.

    Where do I go?
    What do I do?
    Flying is not an option,
    For my wings have been chained.

    Within my depression,
    I have fallen ill.
    All from deception,
    Betrail, and being unloved.

    My tears.
    Mean nothing.
    My voice,
    Is non-exsistent to the ear.

    Sitting in the cold,
    Away from the world.
    I will find an answer,
    And rise once more.

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    Re: Within These Lies, I Must Rise

    This was a long one...
    Though it was long I really like this poem...
    To be frank myself it really touches my heart somehow cause I experienced this pain and I survived it....
    VERY GOOD for you Angel and I expects more from you!*BRAVO BRAVO BRAVA!*
    I loved her so much.... i would dare to risk my own life only to save her from dying....
    I loved my GF...

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    Re: Within These Lies, I Must Rise

    Yeah, I loved this one too. I like your shorter one, too, but the long ones really are my favorites... Listening to an abstract story; that's all it really is. Thank you, and as I've said before, keep it up.

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