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Thread: Without a word

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    Exclamation Without a word

    Dark, with traces of something more.
    Something more, sinister.
    They would never speak of such an act, let alone of the person.
    Lost mentionings were heard from the door.
    Stares filled with fear, and some with tears.

    Being afraid was no use, it was just moronic.
    She wouldn't actually ever hurt anyone.
    The looks she gave the crowd were filled with hate and raw emotion.
    She was unsure of how it would all fit into place and if it ever would.

    Staying quiet was her best defense; what else was she to do.
    Fighting back would lead to destruction and the downfall of her own soul.
    She hid in the shadows, of everyone.
    She hid her face so know on would know.
    She walked along side them everyday, but kno one knew.

    It was hard to hide, especially when it would get to you.
    The hatrid that would build up day after day.
    No one would ever be there to help you.
    There were no mentions of love, you didn't even know what it was.
    There was no one to fall back on.

    Everyone who saw her would look at her wit distinguished looks of hate.
    Her eyes would shifty away.
    If you couldn't see who hated you; it wouldn't hurt as much.
    Gray thoughts had darkened to black and clouded thoughts and dreams.

    It was hard to think of knew beginnings if you weren't even sure of where it had all started from.

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    Re: Without a word

    Nice poem gloomy, it was well written, the message was clear.

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