Tonight the wind bites hard, the stars are shining in the heavens.
A group loads its sniper rifles, and AK-47s.
To their dark green nylon belts they clip sharp multi-purpose blades.
They have killed over a hundred men on twenty-some night raids.
Doing dangerous deeds entrenched deep without light of sun.
With absolute precision they aim their main weapon the gun.
Tonight they are prepared once again to hit it hard and fast.
Utilizing their ungodly skill that almost none have past.
Such comprehensive training leaves not a slight outcome to chance.
Even in times of peace they wait, ready in a combat stance.
Presidents come and go, public opinion sways, but they last.
Pursuing threats to peoples freedom, they will shoot, stab or blast.
It is as true now as it was in independence back then.
Freedom is won by many who give up theirs called “fighting men.”
For in the days when we find out the point of oppressions source,
Nothing works better, nothing works faster than a special force.