Now that we have the power to overrule the realms
How can we do this you may ask?
With the will that our hearts gives us to use
And the magick that most people have long forgotten

Let the world of ignorance and hatred burn and freeze at our feet
While the world of enlightenment and purity gain new children
Fate has given us the rite to rule over all but I do not want that
All I want to set those that are chained by oppression free

Please, understand that I all want is freedom from this life’s cruelties
And the fate that this world has been driven too
One of torment and destruction of the land and soul
I do not want this for myself or those that I care for

Now, unleash the power that the heart holds
And the Magick that has been forgotten
Let the wrath of our suffering free us and those that we care for
From this world.