Stress makes me reluctant to rest my head.
I see a fanged killer under the bed.
Helpless when the incubus decides to attack.
As your life drains you cannot get off your back.

Last thing I would think when I clicked that link,
That just a nightmare is what I would hope for.
21 years and dead; The heart and mind sink.
Marched through much sand, in heavens he will soar.

I was surfing the net today 27th of July, and clicked on a link that said Ranger dies in fight against taliban. Sadly enough it was someone I was deployed with in the past. He died on July 18th. Third one from that Battalion I know to die younger than me. Three years after turning 18 he did three deployments, and accomplished in a short period of time more then most people do there whole existence. He was the blade on the spear of democracy, who died holding true to the principles of third battalion. No doubt it was a desire to save those he held dear that made him fo fierce in his last firefight. Bravo Zulu to Kopp and Long Live the Kings.
This is the link to the site: ShadowSpear Special Operations - Army Ranger killed in Action or