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Thread: Wraiths of Faith.

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    Wraiths of Faith.

    Another old one..

    Wraiths of Faith.

    Twin romans heart of battle rage,
    Ten thousand men with boiled hate.
    Let loose the lioness form her cage,
    And curse the enemy to their fate.

    Stroke their lungs with spear point love,
    Brittle the bones become with decay,
    Cut out their flesh with a pointed shove,
    Pick at their organs where they lay,

    Windswept wraiths raid the earth,
    Corpse littered graves of rotten flesh,
    Warriors lost in a foggy grey hearth,
    Alone they wander in forgotten mist.

    Bodiless men with hearts amiss,
    Bleeding bodies and broken faith,
    Neglagent gods that touch and kiss,
    Like snake bitten licks of serpent taste.

    Broken spirits that burn and break,
    Tortured thoughts of wall chained grief,
    stripped and Peeled flesh with thirst to slake,
    Bloodied mountains that cry for relief.

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    Re: Wraiths of Faith.

    Cool!! I like it!!!!!!! Keep it up!!
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