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Thread: Writing in Roses

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    Writing in Roses

    (I lost my other poem I was gonna post. So I decided to write this one, as I was inspired by the woman nect to me here in the library. I hope you people enjoy this.)

    I write in roses,
    about roses for a rose.

    For I rose from the ground,
    to become a rose in this life.
    A rose in me,
    a rose in my wife.
    A rose is me
    A rose of white.
    In the day and the night.
    For a rose petal's delicate,
    this it's white reflecting light.

    I rose to be her rose,
    and rose not to fall.
    I'm the White Rose as I like,
    and my Red Rose is with me,
    on every single night.

    I grew out of the blackness of heart,
    to a rosey mark,
    to never be farther,
    than I thorn's distance apart.

    I grew a rose for her,
    and forever,
    will be White Rose,
    the one that will never...

    Never ever be alone,
    for a rose is cared for daily.
    I show my true beauty,
    and all there is to see.

    A rose is more than petals,
    and roots.
    It's what's inside the flower,
    that one day can be let loose.

    So do not toss flowers,
    and make them fertilizer.
    For you know they can become your's true,

    Make each flower special,
    for they are all inside.
    I wrote on roses today,
    for that is my daily like,
    heart and mind.

    Far be it for me to be anything special, when the only special thing I desire with me, is the special person I share my gifts with.

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    Re: Writing in Roses

    Wow, that was really good honey. I loved the theme! You did very good, I can't wait to read more of your stuff. I really did like the symbolism, great job!
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