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Thread: You

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    Unhappy You

    I was never tired of falling in love with you
    It was you who always made me feel so blue
    but never did i gave up no you
    not once did i thought we'd be through

    I was never mad about the things that you do
    It was my love for you that's true
    and never did i hated you
    not once did i thought it was always you

    I was always glad to do the things for you
    I was the one who gave my all to you
    yet never did i feel for you
    that my love for you was already through

    and it never reached from me to you...

    "Never tell a man that you love him until he has declared his undying love for you."

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    Re: You

    Really touching poem Hana ^_^ really good a little with the spelling though but anyways... A poem with a nice flow and story, good job Hana

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