I know it's been awhile but I hope you enjoy!

A heart torn and battered by the storms of time
Looking for a woman that will illuminate his past
Striving to be perfect he fails miserably but gets up
Continuing his journey through this war torn reality

Wanting all that life has to offer he realizes he's alone
No one to love him or care the only thing he knows is failure
Struggling to survive the unwritten test of unwavering defeat
He picks himself up and continues down his lonely road

Question arise in his mind:"Am I good enough for anyone?"
What causes him to lose sight of what's really important?
A heart that's learned that nobody can love or want him
So he's forced to walk through a barren wasteland of dreams

Once there he begins to think of a perfect life he once had
The beauty of a woman who understood him is no longer there
All because he let his emotions get in the way of what really mattered
So all he can do is drop to his knees and ask himself "Are you happy?"