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Thread: You make it easy (to hate you)

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    Angry You make it easy (to hate you)

    Call me crazy... I can take it.
    I seem to wear that shoe so well.
    But after all the pain you put me through.
    Theres a place for you in hell!

    I tried so hard to get you to like me.
    I once tried hard to keep your love.
    I prayed that one day you'd accept me.
    Man what was I thinking of?

    You promised me you'd never leave me.
    That we would go through his together.
    But, when I needed you, you left me.
    On a search for better weather.

    And silly me, I still held on.
    Even though there was nothing there.
    Now, it seems as though YOU hate me.
    And for once... I do not care.

    From what was my pregnant belly
    To whos now a growing boy.
    For the times that you neglect him.
    I ask for help, you seem annoyed.

    For the times I sat up thinking.
    "What can I do to bring him home?"
    Not knowing deep down you were wishing...
    ... that Id just leave you alone.

    For the times I needed some attention.
    But I could not turn to you.
    So this hatred that you mention.
    Is something I feel for you too.

    For the times our son grabs his tennies.
    And stares blankly at the door.
    I have to steal, or scrounge up pennies.
    This makes me hate you even more.

    You'd do anything to please others
    But you'd die before you please me.
    My fatherless son only has his mother.
    So now hating you, is easy.

    oh oh Note: this isnt directed toward anyone...... yeah... right. I mean it wasn't even written from MY perspective. Its written from some other angry single mothers perspective.
    ... Not Ever Again...

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    Re: You make it easy (to hate you)

    Wow this just so amazing hearing this!!!!! I like it a lot with all the anger and the love you want from this person. Hope to see more in the future.
    「When I'm sad, I stop being sad and be awesome instead」

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