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Thread: You wouldnt know

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    You wouldnt know

    You wouldnt know

    You humans wouldnt know,
    the pain of being an angel
    the sadness of always being alone.
    How our wings of misfortune fell from the lonely sky
    to this human world

    You elves wouldnt know the word that discribes our pain
    what it means to be discriminated in every way
    We were always left alone to die by our fate
    and yet all you did was laugh away.

    You wouldnt know anything about us angels
    how our life was a wreck.
    You wouldnt know the difference between the mask we wore
    and the true emotions we showed.
    You wouldnt know the smiles we kept nor the tears we held
    You just would know.

    Hi im back its been a long time since i posted a poem

    If you try and fly to your goal you will only fall from the starry sky

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    Re: You wouldnt know

    I like this very much. It was a completed poem and it feels so. The lack of visual imagery disheartens me, though.
    Seduced by Flesh

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