To be in your Arms
Is all I desire
To feel your breathe upon my skin
Lifts me up higher

To be with out you
Is like being left alone in the sea
To be honest its hard to breathe
When your not here with me

I never lied
When I said I loved you
But being in love with out you
Makes my little heart so blue

These humanly words
Cant even describe my everlasting passion for you
Yet anguish is the word that describes
When I am not the only to you

You see love is sickness
When you are around
I cant see not a thing
Or hear a sound

Your my bodily function
That keeps me going on
You’re my hearts desire
You’re my favorite song

As much as it kills me
To even think of me away from your arms
If you really love me
You’ll escape from my harm

I may die when you leave
And my body may decay from your descending miles
Because fate has pulled out my folder
And burnt my life’s file

While my humanly life is ending
You jump into my life’s fatal flames
To hold me in your arms in my last moments
And share my agonizing pain