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    Smile Your Cold Dead Lips

    the sparks from your lips,

    and the warmth of your kiss,

    i've imagined it always,

    but never like this.

    like poison it spreads,

    running through every vein,

    forget the cuts on my lips,

    i no longer feel pain.

    hard and rough,

    the ironey taste of your blood,

    burns like mercury,

    on the tip of my tongue.

    a love so forbidden,

    the dead do object,

    as they reach out from their graves,

    and see your mouth on my neck.

    my temperature's below zero,

    while you burn up at 98,

    and when death did us part,

    you chose another fate.

    my skin's a pale ivory,

    my lips the deepest blue,

    with my dead and cold arms,

    wrapped tight around you.

    your warmth burns me,

    leaves marks upon my skin,

    but my mind doesn't notice,

    at this cold state i'm in.

    a grim and violent love,

    when both out blood's been shed,

    running down ur perfect stomach,

    my mouth is filled with red.

    i wonder how you survive,

    the human that you are,

    the love-wounds you inflict upon me,

    never leave more than a scar.

    with my razor sharp teeth,

    i caress your neck,

    not drawing any blood,

    but puncturing the flesh.

    letting me feed off your blood,

    you bite at your tongue,

    hard and heavy, kiss me,

    let our blood become one.

    push me up against the wall,

    as i slowly trace your spine,

    kiss me so hard it hurts,

    tell me you're only mine.

    your life and my death,

    the impossible interaction,

    is magnified intensely,

    by our violent passion.

    your blood burns like lava,

    while mine's lined with frost,

    they mix as they meet the ground,

    this is true love's real cost.

    as our blood meets again,

    turning from crimson to black,

    you wince in pain,

    as my nails scratch your back.

    and you bite me so hard,

    i forget that im dead,

    as my cold, bitter blood,

    in your mouth, turns to red.

    i stare into your eyes,

    and ask if you're sure,

    cause once you are turned,

    there really is no cure.

    you nod your head slowly,

    and howl like a dog,

    push me deeper into the darkness,

    as we're wrapped up in fog.

    and as you grope me,

    i sigh with delight,

    as my teeth sink into your neck,

    god, it just feels so right.

    i feel your breath quicken,

    as your heart ceases to beat,

    and you cry out in pain,

    as our souls seem to meet.

    i see the life,

    drain from your face,

    as as i listen to your hearbeat,

    and i hear it race.

    then finally it slows,

    as tears of pain escape you eyes,

    as you smile grimly,

    "baby, for you i'd die"

    your temperature drops,

    and your teeth sharpen to fangs,

    you step up gracefully,

    and brush aside my bangs.

    and as your dead eyes gaze into mine,

    with new strength you kiss my lips,

    and your cold grip leaves marks of black,

    with blood slowly trickling down my hips.

    and when you promised you'd love me forever,

    i knew for sure you'd lied,

    but my dead heart seems to flutter at the thought,

    that you'll live on eternally by my side.

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    Re: Your Cold Dead Lips

    Please do not spam the forums with your poems. As per the rules, you can only submit 4 thread per day. I will be sending out an infraction, and close your existing poems that have been posted after your first 4 since yesterday.

    To quote the rules:

    Members are restricted to start no more than 4 threads a day. Please do not flood the forum with excessive, useless posting.

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