You frame me up as if I'm your golden trophy
You put me up against the wall
Like an old doll
You eventually throw me around
And i become ragged like a dime

You spit on me with those lies
Your hands of filth
As you worked with everything else
You keep me locked in your prison
Chained I stand there
As you scrap off all that dirt
Unable to sit
As my feet are chained to the wall

Everyday a gloomy face which you return to
Your grin satisfies you
But it makes me sick
that you have me to pick
And day by day I come to think.

When you go out that day
And come back when day is about to fade
You open your eyes
To a shocking surprise
You see the chains broken and tangled
You see the patch where I once hung

No longer in your command
I walk this earth free