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Thread: Your Love

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    Your Love

    You melted my icy heart
    Struck a match in the darkness
    Nothing I've done was as smart
    As opening my soul to your kindness.

    My heart beats for your love
    Finally found a feeling I can trust
    Your smile as sweet as a dove
    Melts through a soul of decay and rust

    Happiness reflected in my eyes
    Tears of sadness stop their flow
    The sorrow inside recedes and dies
    All I want is for our love to grow

    Lost in your loving gaze
    I see our future in your eyes
    Seeing through the haze
    This feeling takes my heart to the skies

    I barely recall life before
    Our memories have made it fade away
    I don't want to be alone anymore
    You are my light of day

    I love holding you to me
    Our love in my blood like a river as it flows
    This is how it will always be
    Beautiful as winter with pure white snow

    A long life with you
    It's what I long for
    Nothing else will do
    All I want is you, nothing more

    Your love flows through me like blood
    You and I will always be
    Sharing love deeper than any flood
    You are the one for me

    I wrote this poem for my girlfriend. I plan to give it to her with her presents on Valentine's Day. Do you think she'll like it? Any ideas on how to make it better? Opinions are appreciated.
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    Re: Your Love

    That was such a sweet poem. That's how I feel about my boyfriend. He means everything to me and I never wanna lose him. Don't worry I'm sure your girlfriend will love it.
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    Thanks so much I love it!

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    Re: Your Love

    well it was good, and i think to make it a little better, talk about her appearance and how she lights up ur day. and also, try next time to rhyme larger words to make the description better, like for example instead of using beauty, use exquisiteness because it sounds more indepth and stuff. but nice poem she will like it.

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