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Thread: Your Memory

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    Your Memory

    Your Memory

    My childhood pal, I still recall
    Standing by the oak tree, 20 feet tall
    Streaks of light, warm and gold
    Spreads out wide to reign in the cold

    The swing creaks slightly, to and fro
    Swaying in time with the soft wind’s blow
    Wind in our hair, sunlight in our faces
    It fitted perfectly, all pieces in places

    10 years before, this was the spot
    For every circle, it starts with a dot
    My footsteps firsts, then you take a turn
    We follow the tracks, we slowly learn

    You pulled my hair, I gave you a punch
    2 hours later, we were laughing over lunch
    A mud ball in the face, one in return
    Duck, roll and cover, quickly we learn

    A storm appears, grey clouds above
    Blocking the light that we both loved
    Remember the day we took our stand
    It broke us apart, strand by strand

    Yet when you left, I felt a gaping hole
    You were the half that made the whole
    I tried to say my sorry, to make amends
    I couldn’t let it all come to a sudden end

    It was a crossroad, split right into two
    I took mine; the other path was for you
    We knew it was time, we had to let go
    Though inside me, I wanted to shout no

    An eternity passed, I started to forget
    How we knew, how we first met
    How could you leave, just like that?
    You were more than just a friend I had

    Now that I’m old, wrinkled and weak
    Your memory is still all that I seek
    It was by the oak tree, right underneath
    And that was where I finally found peace

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    Re: Your Memory

    wow nice poem elie memories really do haunt
    you years later , theres so much to miss and regret
    taking back something would make it better but how do you
    do that when time has let things slip away?

    very sad peom but at the same time it reminds me of
    how things should be charished and not took for granted

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