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Thread: Your Woman

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    Your Woman

    Do Roses really smell like poo?
    There's only one way to find out
    Do what you do
    As I'm your womans scout

    Watch the equivalence of love
    Watch as she fiends for me
    She sees me as the one given from above
    Nothing matters anymore, not even your begs and pleas

    This love she desires isn't from you
    But it's for me
    She wants something new
    All she wants is a G

    Now step back and please leave
    Theres now room for you here
    Your woman wants me
    OH my god is that a tear!?!

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    Re: Your Woman

    Free verse poetry is the style that I see here! I also like how you added a little comedy to your poem by saying "Oh my god is that a tear!?!" The truth does hurt and to put in poetry form like this to get the message is brilliant.

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