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Thread: Youthful Eyes

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    Youthful Eyes

    I wish that I could see things
    through youthful eyes again...
    Companionship, was simply saying:
    "Would you be my friend?"
    Satisfaction depended on...
    ...how well you could pretend.

    Watched over.
    Never alone.

    Jumped off the top bunk,
    But never broke a bone.

    Am I broken now?
    Or just strayed from my path.
    Consequenses, far more dier
    than a mothers wrath.
    Capsized in a bigger sea.
    Not just a bubble bath.

    Its over,
    you realize...

    ...you've far outgrown
    youthful eyes.
    ... Not Ever Again...

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    Re: Youthful Eyes

    i liked this.
    it seems like it was made more like song ltrics then a poem because of the different stlyes used within, but nonetheless
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