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Thread: Zues's blade

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    Post Zues's blade

    SHippo101: HI! I hope you'll like the story.

    Chapter 1: The Story
    Once upon a time, there was a talented girl but this girl was clueless about her talent. This girl’s name was Rolanda. Roland’s family owned a temple on the coast of Tokyo, Japan. You may have heard the about the sacred jewel of four souls but this is about the soul jewel of the lost city Romania. Little as she knows, she is a half fox demon. Two years after she find out she decided to hang out in the old temple. She sat on the end of the Bone eater's well. Her dog bingo pushed her back. She fell head first in the well. The fact that she was a half demon aloud her to pass through the well, some how she ended up in the feudal Japan era. That is when she met Inuyasha pinned to a tree until Kikyo (a dead priestess) released him. Rolanda woke him. She said she would release him one year from then. However, a month after she left kagome came and released him. A year later rolanda returned. In addition, wondered why inuyasha was not there. She roamed the countryside searching for him. However, out her adventure she ran in to a black smith. He’s name was ken. He side if she killed him he would forge her the strongest sword, called Zeus’ s blade. Nevertheless, she would have to find the other sword, on the other side of the country. Finally, she found the half demon inuyasha. He remembered her and told his friends who she was. Like always, miroku makes his move on rolanda. Rolanda was somewhat mad at inuyasha for not waiting for her. Therefore, she challenged him. The swords were evenly matched! But rolanda had a tiny advantage over inuyasha some where in his heart he loved her. Next to kikyo, rolanda was the only one kind to him at that time. In the middle of the battle, he called the battle off. He loved her too much. So now, he loves kikyo, kagome, and rolanda. But there is no one who knows Roland’s secret not even her!
    Shippo101: That was chapter 1 i hope you liked it. In case you are wondering I am Rolanda and no that is not my real name. Enjoy the rest.

    Chapter 2: Secrets
    Later, maybe 2 hours after rolanda left. She looked in a couple of family photo books. She noticed that her great, great, great grandpa looked a little like inuyasha but yet was not him. She brought the photo with her and showed inuyasha. Inuyasha was puzzled what was a camara that took the picture. She and kagome told him and the rest of their friends. Than inuyasha looked at it again. He was amazed the man looked just like sessomiro. Kagome thought four a second if this is a family photo and sessomiro is in it rolanda is half demon some were in their family line a demon marries a mortal. Inuyasha had a plain look on his face he fall in love with his niece. He was so embarrassed but he was a little relieved no one knew but him.
    So, rolanda wanted to talk with inuyasha. He was somewhat nervous because he didn’t know what they were going to talk about. Rolanda was talking about the future a.k.a her time. She was like if you really are one of my , grate, grate grand uncles her cozs are all half demons. That means inuyasha and kagome sitting in the tree k.i.s.s said i.n.g. He freaked out. Inuyasha remembered when he kissed kagome. He blushed. And said he said he didn’t understand he played the stupid act. They now know who is who. Now every time kagome tries to get close to inuyasha he tries to avoid her.
    SHippo101: Cool that was done. I would kill a boy if he avoided me but I guess Kagome is kind hearted. Oh! I forgot to tell that a dog demon and a fox demon get together. Love is rising and killing in the next chapter. HEre is chapter 3. Choa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Chapter 3: The drama and adventure Begins
    Rolanda is asking every one she runs in to about her sword. Her being the second youngest out of the gang. She always has to stay with kagome in battles she gets very mad and some times rushs off befour they say anything so they can fight together.

    The story is way to long so we’re going to skip two years.
    For two years rolanda traveled with Inuyasha and the gang and through out their travels the younger fox demon came to like the elder one(Shippo got older and taller). But he was to shy. To our suprise they had ran into Koga the wolf demon. Roland took a likeing to the wolf, and he to her as well.
    Then later that day a bat demon attacked them. Rolanda used her all powerfull lighting strike and missed, the demon flung at her with his tail and hit directly. Koga cought her and sat her down. Then inuyasha did the wind scar and while it headed towards the demon, kagoma shot the sacrad arrow. It was a direct hit. But when the smoked cleared to view came a very torn but still standing bat demon. The demon then fired a burst of energy out of it's mouth and it hit Koga. Rolanda looked at Koga to see he was knocked out. Rolanda became upset to mad to dead on furious. Then something deep in side the fox demon rumbled. Then out of nowhere her brown hair turned black, and her blue eyes turned devils red, then her teeth became sharper. Kagome then turned to inuyasha to remind him that she is transforming into a full demon but she does not need to be in danger to transform. The transformation continued her red ears and tail turned black aswell. Then she attacked the bat and she bit it with her new sharped teeth then a poision off of her teeth then enffeted it, the demon was down in no time.
    Shippo101: Wow koga is cute but that is a little far to kill for him. But that is part one of Rolanda's wonderous transformation, she can do much more too! Hey! I spy with my little eye comments on the story. Cool, can you all tell me if you have any ideas or you would want to feature in it befour I end the story?

    Chapter 4: What is love?!?
    Koga finally awoke after a few hours and Rolanda huged him to the point he couldn't breathe. He begged her to release him and she did. She looked in to his eyes and then cryed on his sholder and he asked her what was she crying for. He whipped her tears. She looked in to his eyes and said that she was worried. For that moment he forgot who was Kagome. Koga felt his body rise in temperter. Then the words I LOVE YOU escaped his mouth. Kagome and the others knew that was the time to leave. So they left as fast as they could but little Shippo stayed. Rolanda was so flattered and then she kissed him with outstanding passion. Shippo felt his heart break so he left. Then she said what about Kagome? What about her Koga had the nerve to say. Rolanda had her famous sad fox face. He gave up and said all the he felt for her was in his head he all so said he was demon and he doesn't really know what love was. She kissed him again but deepen it. Then she felt his hands rud down her back into her pants. She suddenly felt this was wrong. She said it was a habit of leading men on. He said that it worked on him like a charm.
    Shippo101: This is my shortest chapter so far. So I'll make the next even longer. I'm going to introduce a new charcter named Keith.

    Chapter 5: When can I make you weak?
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    Re: Zues's blade

    hey not bad man, this story is pretty kool.

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    Re: Zues's blade

    Nicely done, you have got something going here.
    I don't suffer from insanity,
    I enjoy every minute of it.

    All marvel at the beauty of Shippo!!

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    Re: Zues's blade

    sounds kewl )......

    awesome sig, thanx aiora

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