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HumberSt. BarbeBaie Verte MP Gerry Byrne was convinced the recently announced federal budget could spell the end of occupations Insurance (EI). The budget contained a provision to turn EI management over to a private Crown corporation, Dubbed the Canada workplace Insurance Financing Board (CFEIB), which set EI rates intended to operate on a breakeven basis.

mister. Byrne accused the federal Conservatives of long along with the EI program as an "unwelcome subsidy to seasonal workers,

Ten Conche residents were slapped with 52 charges for allegedly netting salmon using a July 8, 2007, Convoy of authorities officers that sealed off the community by road and water, researched homes, seized boats, Outboard applications, Cars and an allterrain path.

"They're making criminals out of some hardworking fisherman, Conche gran Gerry Bromley said. "This criminal fishing, i will not call it poaching, I see it as a revolt against them removing the culture of rural Newfoundland and giving it to tourists. they likely wonder why rural Newfoundland is dying,

Holson Forest Products projected it would use up all your logs at the end of the month, Forcing business to shut down its mills putting 30 people out of work.

The Roddickton sawmill was the particular casualty of the North Americawide forest industry downturn that had seen large mills closing across uggブーツ the continent, adding Corner Brook Pulp and Paper, Which announced November 2007 it wouldn't be making their pulpwood anymore.

Natural Resources Minister Kathy uggサンダル Dunderdale said the work group would wait longer for answers regarding Holson Forest Products.

your mayors of St. Anthony, Roddickton and also St. LunaireGriquet took aim at seal hunt protesters and argued their municipalities want to maintain a sealing industry that brings economic benefit during one of the slowest times of the year.

e. Anthony gran Boyd Noel, Roddickton Mayor Ray grettle, saint. LunaireGriquet Mayor Todd Hedderson and deputy mayor Francis Hedderson were relieved to hear of a recent raid on the Sea Shepherd efficiency Society's protest vessel, these Farley Mowat, by your Canadian Cost Guard.

Port au Choix fishermen protested the Department of Fisheries and Oceans' decision to close the turbot fishery due to heaps of halibut bycatch.

While DFO believed 27 tonnes of the 106tonne halibut quota was landed as bycatch, angler Monty Gould said thousands of juvenile halibut, too small to land, Were just thrown over the top.

"I can't see it in my heart to watch those beautiful fish float back to the lower dead, mister. Gould proclaimed. "Anyone with any thinking ability knows that's wrong,

Two Port au Choix fishermen were so disgusted with the dept of Fisheries and Oceans' handling of last year's turbot fishery they decided to sell their boats.

after the DFO's decision to close the fishery, Delay the closure soon after which it reopen it again over a threeday period, kim Gaslard's 35foot longliner, The Straits hold, And Reginald Rumbolt's 45foot Welcome Dawn were put available for sale.

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