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Thread: ∈)⌒_∩)☆~ B. hello~ (kira kira)

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    ∈)⌒_∩)☆~ B. hello~ (kira kira)

    Hi.I am Zhenzi, glad to be here. By the way, I am a foreigner. If i make a lot of mistakes. forgive me~~~~ THank you~~~~~

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    Re: ∈)⌒_∩)☆~ B. hello~ (kira kira)

    Welcome to Anime Online, hope you enjoy your stay! ^.^

    Orochimaru Fangirl ♥ | MMO Junkie

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    Re: ∈)⌒_∩)☆~ B. hello~ (kira kira)

    Hi Hi Zhenzi ^,^ welcome to AO ..

    i hope you like it in here read the rules and have fun by making freinds and chating ^^ we are waiting to see you around ^,^ ... enjoy your time ^^ ... =^_^=
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