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Thread: Ay guys.

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    Ay guys.

    Well hello everyone, im August, major anime fan and a small time GFX artist. I own my own website hosting and design company (XilaxWebHosting) and im a small time coder as well... Lol as well as being a nerd i love to skateboard and party with the mates !!

    Well thats enough about me for now, i hope to see everyone around and get to know everyone and this community


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    Re: Ay guys.

    Welcome to AO. im Sai so be free to add me or other. ( dont worry. i don't bite)

    A Soul Needs a Purpose to Live.- Gaara

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    Re: Ay guys.

    -bows- I am Avea. Welcome to AO! You can add me if you like as well. -bows again- May you enjoy it here! =)

    Living life on your own..Isn't always that easy..-Vincent

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    Re: Ay guys.

    hello my name is deyoki you may add me as well if you wish. you will have fun on here. ENJOY

    within the darkened realm of the mind, is endless shadows, wrenching pain, warming love, and burning desires.

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