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Thread: Back after 1 or 2 years absence

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    Back after 1 or 2 years absence

    we sat near a cliff the both of us were heartless.
    you stod up sayin we'll have to go our seprate ways.
    you grabbed my hands and put them near my heart and said....................promiese me you'll have a heart.
    looking at your face your eyes were all waterie.
    until i said 'ok i promise you i'll have a heart'
    then you walked to the edge of the cliff and jumped you the girl once loved.

    hello there it have been over 1 or 2 years but i have finally returned. YAY
    so much has changed and now i feel like the new guy............. again.
    i hope to make alot of new friends really quickly.
    i like drawing, playing games and chatting.
    the anime i like are Vampire princess miyu, moon phase, the melancholy of haruhi suzumiya, Black lagoon, gundam seed, buso renkin, steel angel kurumi and others i cant remember.

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    Re: Back after 1 or 2 years absence

    Dude, it is cool to have you back to the site ^^, have fun and enjoy your stay. Oh and by the way read the rules they have changed a lot since your the last time you were here

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