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Thread: Back..ignore new account it should be gone soon

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    Back..ignore new account it should be gone soon

    So uh, yeah. Look who's back.
    I left long ago for personal reasons, and finally decided to come back. I'd missed this place for too long. So if you remember me hit me up. If not then heres more about me and an update to my old friends.

    For those who don't, I'm Josh. I'm now 17. I'm a Senior in high school now. I sing, english and japanese, I used to make anime signatures, I might get back into that, probably a bit rusty though. I don't draw anymore but I still love looking at peoples artwork. I'm caring and will try my best to offer you advice if you need it. Not sure if I give as good as advice as I used to a few years ago, but I'll try my best to help. Favorite anime is still Naruto. :P

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    Re: Back..ignore new account it should be gone soon

    Hmm... you must really like that name. Anywho, welcome back. Please remember to glance over the rules when you get a chance. Enjoy.

    Signature is a Gwenibe original.

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