eve-Iraqi former president Saddam.He accepted a reporter before Iraqi war interview to say:"I now the every evening sleep very goodly, if what is up make me hard to fallen asleep, I get up to write it to the paper, then can soon fall asleep."Certainly Saddam finally has no ability Dou over the United States, but I feel the problem that this isn't him, the real strenght margin puts over there, and lakers basketball jersey you make Iraqi president also have no a drama.Being generation desert is fierce, Saddam's life is still very glorious of, at least this kind of skill that fights to before and safely fallen asleep is well worth everyone's studying.I remember that Iraqi war before spreads such a words:"The bitterness isn't bitter, want somebody else Saddam."Sound to make to smile very much, in fact quite right, you think that American battalion's pressing on to the border somebody elses can sleep so at easely, you how can let this study pressure or life up of small trouble interference your attention?
The home town has a words to call:From"snow ago Bulls Basketball black red Jerseys vegetables" to"Xie vegetables", I think that this relates to my contribution.When the pose that carried root and his friend to draw back to drink, two of my Chan cat similar younger brother, also prepare to betray his/her own small mouth to call carry a root "father" to change to have long Boston Celtics Jersey time no see in the greed of carnivorous, carried the friend of root to eat mouthful cinders coal.That cinders coal is the thinnest, come from to carry a Ze Ze to praise highly of, my Niang stir-fry of spray a fragrant sesame inside.The sesame that the Niang stir-fries who all say joss-stick, fragrant must lick a nose, two slightly the chopsticks of Jiao vegetables juice putting is spraying stir-frying of joss-stick to lightly beat to roll in sesame, the small but very naughty sesame then obeys ground to climb full chopsticks.Send into a mouth, once Derrick Rose Jersey two lipses close lightly and lightly chew, boiling hot joss-stick, the one mouthful swallows bottom, that is really"especially the English Na male bears Er" have been already carried out.When carry the friend of roo
Although the keep money bottle has already disappeared at me of world in, , I already from the mother's hand inside, receive one invisible of keep money bottle, I will collect as treasure it on the niche for Buddha of mind, and, I will pass me of son, I of the son will also pass me of grandson, because of, that keeps to pack in money bottle of, not only is an unforgettable recall, but is the love of a kind of ideal, conviction and very considerate.

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