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Thread: Bonjour ^_^

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    Bonjour ^_^

    um..hello ^^ i am new on here, i was told this was a good site, and i saw an ad for this site so..i wanted to see how it is here i'd like to make some friends and such..

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    Re: Bonjour ^_^

    =O frenchie XD hi welcome to AO have fun and PM me if u wanna be friends k ^^

    -".. Chase the morning, yield for nothing."

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    Re: Bonjour ^_^

    Well hello and welcome to AO, hope that you will enjoy it here and if you have any questions or anything than feel free to ask. Dont forget to read up on the FAQs and Rules.

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    Re: Bonjour ^_^

    Bonjour Monsieur, hi how are you Hope you like it here and have fun
    This world is corrupt
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    I am so alone, I got no one to talk to, please help me

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