The soil wall is huge 2 to leave.The village contains a highway, have been leading to in the town.Highway just be open to traffic, person in the village be like evil rushing into and fixing bride chamber, in less than a year, two row high height the low brick building giveĀ°ed a highway to push shriveled.Is huge two is moved out last year, natural rains and winds, be like a head of ate mire of monster, one mouthful one mouthful, chewed the soil wall short, chew have been already lost.Wall body spread all over a
Afterwards as a civil literature house, I return to old home town the bottom adopt breeze and know that the country Mi spreads a kind of"absorb soul Shu", then let soul not whole people black light the blind fire touches the sound person's bed, eat a nourishing article sucking and absorbing that person's soul.I then press it and the cousin the matter on me to mutually contact.Have Wu, hence inquire a mother very in earnest.Mother's two eyes hope beautifully green distance landscape outside the wind
The bureau chief specially likes a dog and excels to like her husband and get off work to go home each time the first hello Be warm and affectionate to is her dog behind.The bureau chief still specially likes a Liu dog, the supper then will take behind every day it to turn in the yard.
This day, Li Ye walks into grandmother Xia Men's house and says to her and go out to walk, person in the village reads Dao to wear your mile.Li Ye squats down in grandmother Xia Men's in front, follows her vision and turned head and then sawed the sheep whip on the wall.
In this story, the heavy disease ties up the Yan space of body joy Sir originally for letting family's happiness just decide that"pretend"ing is happy, but unexpectedly oneself was true of happiness, but this optimistic emotion made oneself's health cheap oakley sunglasses condition become again healthy, obviously, this key that change be-"pretend" a happiness.
The parents are at the role in the home education although can have difference, the basic role should be correct.The father usually becomes more scathing to sons and daughters, the mother relatively spoils;Spoiling can not and properly, scathing can also not and properly.One the result for looking after child before doing not line up in class several, scold for the Xun, loquacious.Can not find a correct role.
Although the brain manages a human fake oakleys body all fleshlinesses and spirit activity, it doesn't have sensory nerve, motor nerve and muscle that feeling knows an oneself.And be overalied in the skull, so person since could not see it can not touch either it, probably also because this reason talented person neglected the existence of brain.

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