I say to the mother that evening:"Mama, I went to work, can feed myself as well as keep you, I don't need relieving of other people any further, I have no and the new unit say the circumstance of our house, I not want to be again under the pity of living in the other people, I would rather be a little bit bitter also not think again take to relieve money."
I treated other people to have more comprehension and trust now.Before I and material self colourful boon of 1-year-old younger sister always fought, for example for the sake of who played a computer first, who ate more delicious etc..But we relate to now harmonious a lot of.This is why?Because I now more apprehensibility younger sister.Certainly, occasionally still keep there being the time to fight .
The independent thinking ability is the ability that we consider a problem with own brain, a wise source.Have to admit, interpersonal, between race and race, the independence considers ability to have a very big margin.For example Chinese nation, although the intelligence quotient isn't low,the intelligence quotient independently considers ability worse.The wealth fake oakleys that we come out with the brain creation far and far gets behind with western race.This problem who also not want to wrangle, also not want to take the four greatest inventions of ancestor to cover up embarrassment.You see surroundings and use of, have fun of, see of, have several kinds aren't western people to invent?
The day is getting longer, I became a friend with them.The age largish girl will start to chat own boyfriend with me;The age little girl will speak the business in the school with me, and see their workbook of art lesson for me;The male children choose it's silent, they don't want to share my own small secret with me.
One day, Zhang Shan Niu runs into a Gu cow in the village and comes forward the hand of pulling the Gu cow and sways two large cow eggs and says and have never eaten?Walk, ascend your house to drink to go, I have words to say to you.The Gu cow sways for two cow eggs dizzy head, the mouth smiled an ear door and connected to say to like well, wine I, exactly a catty of mile.Two men's seven hands eight feet completed vegetables, cheap oakley sunglasses you came me to get up toward ground stem.Drink Han place, Zhang Shan Niu stopped a cup and drew a deep sigh and said, brothers, you help me, otherwise I the true wanted to be heirless.What?Gu cow Leng Leng, immediately understood, go, blunt you this"brothers" is two words, I helped to settle.Gu cow press near the wine cup of the side of mouth and put back a table up, don't trust ground to ask, are you willing to give up?Loathe to give up, so I drink ah, get drunk to sleep past.Have no a matter Be all right, drink!Zhang Shan Niu and Gu cow fiercely on touching, Be getting drier!Drink to drink, the Gu cow is gradually blurred, Zhang Shan Niu starts cloudily smiling.

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