nd, I am like to treat in a day the most important matter and dialed the telephone of home.It is the mother's voice.Is small three?Is small three, I am a mother!Is the mother how can anyone know the telephone that I stir?I 1 didn't hum, mother but Wu from downwards say, like in front of her, I say I know you today will call words, I still said like this with your daddy last night, can he dead live Be not willing to believe ……listen to, my tears unbearable tears overflow.
Recently the economy appeared recovery of situation, but, our company establishes in 1998.At that time just when the depression expected, and we company the scale wasn't big, belonged to a new soldier in the whole training profession, so, at start a business of the place it may be said raised a Wei Jian.
"We have never become rich, " she immediately after says, "but now, the Ji rice can proud ofly say that he is this community inside to be rich with most of person."Then she lightly raises the husband's right hand.I shockedly discover holding three red glass balls that the fine Shans wear a glow-in-the-dark in hand!?
and involves whether the behavior conforms to reasonableness and isn't oneself is hindering himself/herself.Once said such as me of, each person completely has ability to do here any affair that I do, even do to get more many affairs than me.. This language exact center inebriates the bosom in sword fairy.Immediately begin with thief, inebriating sword fairy the milli- is out of the running.He a language not the hair ground sit down fake oakleys in the thief's opposite and uncover one altar wine on the table and scrutinize wine in altar, discovering the altar bottom is a calm and steady rich in hues color big spider.Inebriate sword fairy to start to clip spider with the chopsticks, sneer at to ask:"What mean?"
The plum hears here and feel pretty ashamed and eavesdrop other people to say sweet prattle, calculate what matter son?The plum is about to leave, and then hears cheap oakley sunglasses a burst of light laughter.That laughter inside, have a kind of turn don't open of melancholy, turn don't open of grief.How can and so?The plum thinks.He hasn't thought threads, see one male one the female is from the bamboo basket in come out come.The woman hands a man.The facial expression of the man is pale, too frail to stand a gust of wind of, seem breeze to pour on blowing.The chemisette face is very special:On the left face, drew a dragonfly;On the right face, drew a butterfly.They all opened wing and jumped the ap

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