On the second day, I like fun arrived at manager's office, the manager is waiting me.See I come in and then smile and make me sit down, then modify him well and lift a key link and pass to me, can I at the sight of lift a key link, immediately the quick temper of the in the mind then the Cuan come out, some pleased result that I originally wanted to sp
Grandpa Liu is the sheep that just comes out to put him in the afternoon every day, morning is a flock of sheep rest of time.In the afternoon grandpa Liu will drive out flock of sheep to come out, let the flock of sheep run the fake oakleys green grass eat grass iner the fresh lawn to those, until evening time, just rush into flock of sheep to go home.
Exceed a gram not to wish to study, always pull a long face to throw the book"bang" ground to the table.He not only could not write a sentence of integrity, but also the record of writing Be crabbed to be recognized with difficulty.Is sometimes also cold D ground don't come out some gutter languages.I break my neck to encourage him and always give public recognition him when he obtain some progress, or clap his shoulder to mean cheap oakley sunglasses the applause to him.
Piece also rises thumb to say to Li Qiao , the Jing opens up, deep, the great minds think alike is together.I still thought before my a person was unexpectatively thinking this problem, kept in the belly of your you of tapeworm and my similar.Li Xiao smiles to say, that is certainly and forget, is the everyone from inside in school how to say ours?We are two bodies are a head.The teachers all want another Shao that we win while connecting to get critique up.
A job advertisement text member in the office, the job advertisement condition is such:The female, the native of the place, needs a foreign degree certificate.Someone asks and invites a common text member in office, why need foreign academic degree?Department chief Luo is white his one eye, explain, you were really stupid!That because bureau chief Li Fu's niece just took a diploma back from the abroad and could not find a work and how did?Everyone suddenly realize, however, someone still keeps puzzling, can't this job advertisement condition meeting arouse social guess and bad impression?Department chief Luo enjoyed and said, exactly the opposite, this explains that staff's troops of this bureau has already headed for an internationalization, with nations is in line with.That job advertisement, the not only fulfill a wish problem for solving the work of Li Fu's bureau chief niece, still have to arrive giving award to of department concerned.

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