At this time, the age of Greece philosopher that is apart from earlier period has already about had 1,000 years.The ancient period will pass by, the history will get into to take Christianity as the Middle Ages of center of gravity.This period equally maintained for long 1,000 years nearly.
German poet Goethe once said:"Can not draw to take 3,000 a calendar history empirical person don't can talk in the future."I don't hope that you become among these people of a.I will exert me the ability and let you acquaint with you in the historical root.This is the person of so the only way of behavior(and not only is a stark naked ape) is also the only way that we avoid floating to float in the unreal.
She is just a person of banality.However, if she understands she in the historical root, she the not to the extent of so is ordinary.
nd of"half person half absolute being" of), and the church enounces that the Jesus is "complete absolute being, complete person".
Su is thin to sit in a short while, stare at a garden from the small hole of hedge.She starts understanding why the person have to understand she in the historical root.To the son people of Israel, this is certainly very important.
????To a part combine to be unequal to wrong ????
Passed by for a week, moxa uncle especially didn't send a letter here, Su is thin also have no again receive the postcard that sent from the Lebanon.However, her pouring with Joe Anne is to still often speak of the postcard that they discover in the small fake oakleys log cabin of major.That Joe Anne was frightenned.However because of afterwards also have no again what happened matter, hence the terrible feeling slowly faded away in homework and the badminton at that time.
Middle Ages
"This is the person of so the only way of behavior(but not only is only a stark naked ape) ????"
On Friday on May 25, the mother hasn't gone home.The Su thin station prepares dinner before cooker.This is the agreement that the their mother female orders.Su is thin today what to cook is a fis
Su is thin to take all letter papers, climb an airtight hole, leaped to jump ground to once wear a garden, returned to the room of upstairs.
Su thin a time of time of accentuation moxa uncle especially cheap oakley sunglasses of letter, try to look for some clueses with answer concerning seat virtuous riddle, she consequently has many opportunities the digest classic philosophy.She can already with ease recognize a virtuous Mo gram now inside especially Si and Su's space pull the dissimilarity of bottom, and Plato and second reason Si much virtuous difference.
Dear Su of postscript is thin, let me describe the then whole circumstance again.After the Christianity gets into Rome, Greece region, two kinds of culture hence vastly and mightily handing over will blend and formed historical one big cultural revolution.
At the same time, she lives at time on the earth and can't only have, either for several years just.If the mankind's history is her history, so in view of some aspect, she has already had 1000 years old quite a few.

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