Tie Dun once hears to talk this kind of business has to pay first of parlance, iron Dun prepares to entertain a flower nursery owner, can two people's money of iron Dun and wood add together still not enough.Iron Dun finally sells blood, because the blood takes out a little bit cheap oakley sunglasses online cheap sunglasses much and drinks too fiercely while plusing to invite an owner to drink, faint.
At that time, I still just the company cheap oakley sunglasses online cheap oakley sunglasses do to have a part-time job and worked to return to bedroom for a day and turned off a light, old is getting to the Internet, big bright sit by him, none of others at.I come in to let go of a shoulder bag, big bright looking at me with a kind of very helpless look in the eyes, say:"Xiao elder brother Peng, this bottom great."I am minimum in our bedroom, title in"Xiao elder brother Peng", make to smile of the composition is mostly.This kind of time speaks and even has a kind of black humorous flavor.I say:", What is the row?"He immediately after says:"Old second examinations is eliminated, just made a phone call to notify in hospital."I certainly know the seriousness of problem and lightly sigh an also sit to big bright no longer talk side.Old as doing not hear our dialogues, still at up his net, eyes almost are running into a screen.Our 3 people was like this alongside of to sit for a long time, no one cheap oakleys talked, I and big bright all silently listen to him pounding the voice of keyboard.The bedroom inside one utter darkness, only the computer screen still is giving out light, shine on three worried facial expressions, scary white.Everyone lived for four years together, this probably was our most depressed time.We all understand the family circumstance of old, how hope he can with person greatly for platform, walk a road of success that has a legend color, thoroughly change own destiny.But see now, he has to also accept more discipline and pay one more of make great effort and wait for.
his a person wears headphones to walk while listenning to in a by the lake English.At this time, suddenly and right against the face walk to the white dress young girl of a beauty, she is so beauty moving, harm we this a heart attend school of river's classmate immediately forget English in the ear, foolish foolishly looking at this white dress young girl, fancy 100001000, have been following with eyes her to leave, until disappear in a full sky of rosy sunset, lead for a long time just return to absolute being.At this time, he suddenly discovers, English of the ear is unexpectedly thus clear, each phrase, each words can listen to clearly, clearly white white.

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