His conclusion lets me more to son's in different light.He writes a way:"The conclusion of research since don't support a rat didn't make policy the talk point of ability, also didn't support the talk point that the rat has decision ability.Because, if the rat contains decision ability, that white rat should not walk into the hole of the left side.But if the rat doesn't have a little memory, it also isn't likely to successfully choose the hole of the right side for many times.So the conclusion of end BE, the rat didn't make the ability of a complicated decision.But their simple memories and instinct will influence the decision that they make."
This time, he sees a person whom he knows in the person who round the view-owner of outside in the small area newspapers and magazines station.He once heard that owner usually swims.Hence, he loudly shouts a way toward owner:"Owner also don't save a person at once!"Because little Lee shouts a voice, everyone's visions all throw to owner.
Is also, this well, oneself pays to lift a hand to also even if, in the end and on the contrary fake oakleys became to lead a thief to come, is really timid.You are previously heartless, that doesn't blame me to have no righteousness.So on thinking, brave child and deep red stand to in the same front.
The president finally knew this matter and stayed calm and collected to trap the school fees and living expenses that the rare name reduces to never mind a son for 3 years especially.After 3 years, the son enters to settle university in China by 627 centses of result.Send off graduate student that day, county a medium deafening din of gongs and drums, president especially the idea invite the mother's son up chairman's set, the son feels suspicious:Tested the classmate of high mark to contain quite a few, why only invite me to appear on stage?Make people strange more BE, the on the stage returns the heap snake skin that wears 3 drum bags bag bag.At this time, the bear teacher appeared on stage to tell that the mother begs for the rice is provided for son to go to school of story, set descend utter silence.The president points at 3 snake skin bag, the emotion excitedly says:"This is the mother in the story to beg for of 3 bag rices,
The great universe is deep and mysterious, make people unfathomable.It contains to enrich of designation, wait for people investigating and obtaining.The great universe is a such as knowledge palace that hugely is covered with a veil.It involves science realms, such as cheap oakley sunglasses astronomy, zoology, botany, mineralogy, physics and chemistry...etc. the knowledge for storing and has direct contact with history, geography, literature, esthetics, and music...etc. again, therefore completely can call an encyclopedia of great universes again.The great universe is also the best teacher in the world, it inspires a thinking problem by various unusual phenomena, draws on people to investigate knowledge and becomes the important factor that pushes an intelligence development.Stir up in the great universe under continuously pursue a new information to know, more and more deep to the understanding of the great universe, the knowledge noodles more and more expands, intelligence also the meeting get an exaltation day by day.


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