The everywhere fights to be first with others, will suffer a los in everywhere and challenge to all people, the meeting be opposed by all people.You like to kick football, but the ball skill isn't quite right, spread two more feet ball for the honesty, sweet be supporting roles, don't want oneself of one individual Be fierce to take, the birdbrain that can prove you, everyone woulded not like to kick with your a cake of, either;Some economic circumstances to classmate family and other people have a margin, don't compare food and clothing with others to live to go to use and use time that the other fake oakleys people use to go shopping to step to dependably and actually study and had the result made, the nature could earn the other people's respect.From a different angle come to speak, there are an ancient words in China:"The gun tees off a bird" there is the person's places in some aspects, will be subjected to public concern naturally, but at these concern of in the vision, current respect and admire also have envy, morely then interrogative, if you express proud arrogance, from think Lao Tze's world first, despise a person, have already harmed the other people's self-respect, equaled to provide a market for the dissemination of various rumor;Is contrary, your performance condescension careful, your achievement puts over there, everyone can see, can't because you don't have egotism the nobody know, but put together the moral qualities knot of achievement and condescension, will make you own huge magic power.Don't dare for the world first, learn the strength of respecting the other people, be good at guarding Zhuo, since exertion that can't influence your advantage can also earn the other people's respect, why should not be happy to do it?
The village director saw Zhang You just difficult place and smiled him and said not to export, BE?I know you this character.If I can accompany you to, had better, unfortunately I have urgent matter.The village director pondered in a short while, and then said, so, you got to town up, go first to do some name cards, by that time, you what all naturally, directly deliver 1 for them to go.
This day, the Li arrive unit, discover the colleagues all hide him and have of return at the back to stealthily discuss him.He asked a good friend to exactly take place what matter.Friend tells him, Chang say that he has a disposition to violence, usually not only get into nasty fight to the wife, and still very not cheap oakley sunglasses friendly to customer, usually become angry in customer's in front.
The man performs magic similar, take out a string of candied haws on a stick from the bosom.Raise boy's in front, ask, this, understanding?The boy's eyes are getting brighter.The boy says that you are an uncle!Just a day, you how the hair Be getting more disorderly, the beard also grows many ah!The boy eats a candied haws on a stick, the one mouthful is an uncle Zhang, call specially warm and affectionately.
See from the data controling currently, this parlance not and greatly can believe, because pull Rui after all with Liu time of Ting contact is as well brief, and again have the diaphragm of huge culture, only with number noodles of the good luck do one judgment like this to is careless.

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