He is 19 years old, spend his only southern holidays in aunt's home that year.She is the neighbor's girl's son, after the mother isn't good to her.He saw her day for the first time, she was dressed in a very dirty white cotton skirt, there is red and swollen finger on cheap oakley sunglasses the face print, full face tears but facial expression inhospitality.He squats down in her in front, he says, do you like a puppy?He the putting a white puppy that he pick up to come let her see in the bamboo basket.
I feel that her words are managing very much.Hence run again to Chinese medicine section, the Chinese medicine section is an old Sir, the old Sir not only white big Gua wears cleanly, even wear white hats the week is positive, under the Han of flower white the beard Be tiny to tremble.He sees I come in, everyone poise sort backward on depending chair-back, let me sit down.Then take crone ice-cold right hand wrist at the my left hand up.In a short while make change right wrist again, finish touching vein and let to open to stretch out a tongue, the tongue finishes seeing him and then no longer inquire and walk by the handwriting that uses to tremble over there breeze snake, I recognize prescription up of a few a few grams, front of medicine I understand none.Finish opening a medicine he just leisurely say, you are a weariness from overwork to sit up to result in to annoy a Jin loss, the liver Yin shortage, easily get excited, harm and double eyes to, I opened to you seven Chinese herbal medicines adjust reason to adjust a reason, 7 finish eating, if don't come to adjust a reason again so much.
Leave Mongolia that year, I witness a second teacher of wood to sprout the love of stage in the mountain brook, mountain range feet and steppe for many times.That is that one is young but the personality float in the sky Mongolia youth and have the curl hair of the Er of Teng space, one face sunlight sort bright and beautiful smile, with a large white horse to Gao Da Dun Jian.
We do patience to Xue Song meticulous of think to want to work.Say fish nourishment abundant, the flavor is fresh the United States, foreign a lot of person's longevities have something to do with they eating more fish much jealous.Though we the bitter in taste old woman fake oakleys nature educate,Xue is loose to accompany good fish to still keep turning a blind eye to the aromas.
If the policeman wants to button up a certificate, mayor thinks of there is still an upscale smoke in the car, remember just short assist Jing of"the smoke takes bridge, the wine opens a new road", the favour takes out smoke, passes to the policeman and says:"The comrade goes out to walk urgently today, the purse cast away a home and had here'China', enough arrive to fine money."

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