3.However the cent thinks greatly of a score.Children to the heartfelt knowledge pursue easily drive to pursuing of score replace.Educate an expert to remind the parents:The kid after releasing from school go home don't is old to ask to do every day must how, but should ask to do more what.
The person who just learned to ride bicycle rode bike to go shopping, the in the cheap oakley sunglasses mind is special nervous, feared to hit other people, in the mind nervous, recited to"did not bump, don't bump", can as a result but it happened that bump.Sit in graveness examination, tell oneself "do not be nervous, don't be nervous", can usually is an one blank in brain ……
The expression specially and easily changes.A personal inattention trains and doesn't think a way to overcome weakness, probably all the whole life can't express.Have of is already an adult now, not just be good at an expression very much.The parent who includes us isn't all people either all can in the public consumedly the square square ground speak own standpoint know.
Woman even concrete positions of school are all not clear, woman the school that remember that the son attends is a peace road primary school.The primary school leaves home three station roads, not calculate far, also not calculate near.The woman sits a bus, the in the mind starts the trembling, a bit uneasy, that mood, with an arrive an unfamiliar place similar.Arrived peace road, the woman got off.The woman sought two streets, didn't find out and asked the way a person, some strangers shook head and said not to know;Some strangers see one eye woman, confused point a place, words don't say as well, urgently and hotfoot leave.Can not find a school, could not connect a son, the woman almost cried.The woman has never cried to make a noise, the woman gets a brainwave, ask the street the storekeeper of the side.Imposing style somely and for example the type of hotel, teahouse of, the woman doesn't dare to enter and says again, other people all at favour business, have no time realize her the affair of these trivial matters.What woman chose is a small store to fruits seller, at the time that woman walked into, the storekeeper positive Yang is on the chair and closed the eyes for a rest.
ten several ten thousand obligations.Her mother tells her:"Now home have nothing at all, not ability again elephant your primary school rise a junior high school to so and directly send into the city inside's best junior high school you, even if you win take the entrance examination of the senior high school that differs most into the whole citieses to differ most of class, the home could not take penny money as well to hand over to send to fake oakleys read that the fee sends into the good school you.Your growing up a home can't make you get into power company as well in the future.The whole can depend yourself."

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