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Unofficial survey letters shipped to seniors raise census worries
The firm wishes to use its census results in provide weekly updates everybody individuals of Congress on what their constituents view these complaints, Executive Director Rita Brown said.
The documents request that recipients return their questionnaires within five days and also seek out $14.58 help defray the same price of mailings. The solutions to its questions are utilized with shaping the agenda provided lawmakers on senior issues, the letter says.
"We do realize that people will attain (official) census to put off just a few scams," said Efren Salinas, a Census Bureau spokesman. "I'm not to imply this is the scam, nonetheless certainly is not (to try) of your Census Bureau."
Ochoa realized the mailer had not been attached to the governing but worried the state run language could perhaps be misleading a few of her residents.
The federal government Census Bureau can't ever ask citizens for your money or do any tallies close to its decennial surveys, Salinas said. A state 2010 census doesn't begin until March.
Janie Ochoa a social services coordinator for the Mission Palms retirement housing community in Mission noticed the letters while helping residents work through their mail a few weeks ago.
Brown had Our Generation's lawyers doublecheck the mailers in recent days and admits the critical for the mailers has troubled her.
Buying enough her organization's mailings make no claims to be connected for the state, congressmen while stating attorneys general a fair distance have issued statements in recent weeks cautioning seniors for the organization.
"It doesn't appear the (official) census. Isn't going to say anything regarding the government," she said. "I don't see in which confusion can be purchased in."
"One industry experts inquired about residence can assist her entering the answers and then give the bill," she said. "You shouldn't should pay anything. The (official) census is provided for free."
The nation's Census of Elderly people was commissioned by your Council for Retirement Security, a course of study of Virginiabased nonprofit group Our Generation. Reported by its incorporation paperwork, the group was founded build "longterm free market approaches to today's public policy concerns," in particular those surrounding Social Security, Medicare and various government retirement funds.