Come to speak to the high school student, the not to the extent of so plays life-road's Yao at completion ?ordinary of world ? after soon die in lung function to crock up, but this kind of spirit is very worth to study.I fore mention in the text, read from the beginning book to got into status demand a period of time, so the hour like this should not be been used to see positive son eight through of teaching material.Someone feels to carry on the back ten English with five minutes single the phrase is quite good, I once tried to carry on the back on the bus list phrase, feel effect badly, because back list the phrase is a very lifeless affair, at in a short time hard concentration attention, change to on the bus to see ?ChinaDaily ? to wait English newspaper afterwards, top of the current news report very interesting, the effect is much better.I feel that the elephant goes to the stool, does a bus and lesson rest odd pieces of time the best choice is to read some short and small and interesting books outside the lesson, for example ?remaining autumnal rains prose ? -it is louboutin outlet still up to now my importance"read a thing on the Ci".Be unlikely to make like this you to without results run to waste time of so many odd pieces, can also take
The above-mentioned result expresses that remembering effect's best is to read soon and in the middle of Group 2.Group 1 memory speed leads quickly, thinking time shortage, not enough to the comprehension that needs to record an information thorough, similar at the life in often say of"being greedy for to chew more isn't lousy" type, be close to 4|10 2013 new style christian louboutin outlet online store louboutin outlet grounds need to record an information in the brain as if in a hurry traveler, one Shan but lead;Group 3 memory speed leads slowly and easily appears "blank on schedule" in the thinking process, the nervous system easily appears sloth or is attention to spread to but involuntarily "absent without leave";Only the memory speed of Group 2 since not slowly also not quick, there is thinking time of just right, comprehend a little bit deeply and deeply towards needing to record an information also and only have 5%ly need to record an information to become brain in of traveler, rest of the informations all turn into long time memory.
ginally our company conducted to allow various training business, but, because I was female, the other party might produce a kind of prejudiced idea very much, while giving an account business, the head quarter added 1:"Big string of teacher please carry on a rite training for our female employee of company."
Give virtuous expensive buy an aqueous troops very long, there are 170 people.And bought water of the garden pond inside of 12 people, the garden pond in the village wasn't enough, only went to buy water in the garden pond of neighborhood.The 2013 new style christian louboutin outlet online store louboutin outlet one mouthful garden pond is water, two water pails pack very fullly.Still visited street, lead the thousands person join a crowd for fun.Persons, who joins a crowd for fun, all find out is which had a lucky old man to die.While asking around a virtuous expensive circumstance, all send out a praising highly of Ze Ze voice, also all one envying of face.
The unity points the mankind and catholicity of thinking.British thinking points out after learning a virtuous wave the promise the rightness the thinking comparison of different race:Trains in the thinking that directly studies under him of in ten several myriad people, though there is very great dissimilarity in age, ability, interest, race, race and society cultural background etc., on the most basic thinking layer, the reaction is wonderfully consistent.

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