Even so short and smallly pray language, all took up me for about five minutes, because my jelly the last tooth keep beating tooth.God is affirmative to hear my orison, because he responded to me, do you know what he does?He is like other people-be like those persons who hear my mother dying similar, he sends a gift to me.
The expression that we wear a woebegone expression was soon then discovered by the mother, after clearing up reason, the mother formally said to us:"Kid, the everyones all have difficult of time, besides, Cheap Christian Louboutin shoes we donate to go out of money also don't calculate too many, hereafter day like, the father mother meeting Zheng is more money, this keeps money bottle also very full."
Do we why emphasize "heavy be point the son living" thus?Because also once rigorously eliminate when heating up at foreign language school is medium.Ting son the be admitted with the result of, plus to spend money to living to the junior high school studying, totally 200 bearers, only 80 people can become plan inside the acceptance of senior high school student.(can rise into department in senior high school in the foreign language school)Can become one of this 80 people, mean that affirmation can pass examination a point university-in fact, Ting son this graduate student out and out entered point university and moreover attached to establish of protect "negotiation class" of rising the university, also the many people passed examination undergraduate course even particularly university.
Once took together just a beginning a, form master teacher Wang Sheng Jun of beginning 22 years to this student have very fancy.He says:"He Louboutin Outlet is that one is excellent to living, the class whole Christian Louboutin shoes section examination often takes the first, the interest is extensive, the composition writes think a general kid of problem ratio well deep.How to also have never thought him will have an accident, too regrettable!"
"Teacher Lee, I don't know this affair."The head that Ma Xiao jumps just a little lifted to lift, the vision hadn't come yet and climb to in Li Da Dun Jiao's eyes, fell Huang to fold back."Ma Xiao jumps, you let me hard listen Cheap Louboutin Shoes to:Is frank from the breadth, resist from strict!""Teacher Lee, you Rao I, I really don't know this matter.""Ma Xiao jumps, you want, what to confiscate is your cellular phone, always can't be the lock that the other people pry?Saiding again isn't the other people's cellular phone, the somebody else can't does one, either this kind of losts face of matter!I see, must belong to you!If you want to deny again, don't blame me Li Da Dun Jiao to you Don't mention it!"Li Da Dun Jiao without extra trouble from the desk in draw out one very thick plastics Chinese foot of chasing, jumped to in the moment put out strength to sway to sway at Ma Xiao, the purpose makes him admit quickly.

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