many, the little Wei really is to can not stand, sat to eat mountain empty.Besides one person's one monkey, must eat how much thing, a few money edible much for a long time.The little Wei incredibly thoughted of play a monkey cheap trick down the street of, he took the monkey to in the street and also played a monkey cheap trick.Can he not knows how tame a monkey, stood for a morning, penny money didn't also earn.After all the monkey is more intelligent than little Wei, the its mimicry ability is strong, the little Wei squats down on the ground, the monkey also squats down on the ground, the little Wei smokes, the monkey also picks up a smoke bottom to take out on the ground and ask for the primary school livinged break into laughter tears.
Wang Jiu got a fright and quickly said, I wasn't Wang Jiu.Does the woman say that Liu Hong Yun recognizes not?King 91 listen to this name, know at present this person was who.Can he still keeps shaking head to say, don't recognize.Woman says that I am Liu Hong Cheap Christian Louboutin shoes Yun, you even don't I can recognize?Wang Jiu says notting to recognize.
But after three years, conduct surly factory to seem to be many gruels of monks little.Could not see prospect, I ask Ci to find another husband's family on my own initiative.Just this than just went out of situation Louboutin Outlet still miserably, unexpectedly can not find out a work for dwelling for continuous three months.The east rushes west to run all day long, money leak, till the last leaves a Gu like flowing water of the ticket of zero zero 10 dollars.I realize a whole Chao once returning change, then and more Christian Louboutin shoes not through use.How to use these 10 dollarses?Make a telephone call to go home?Three years, don't appear if of circumstance, have never given the mother my news.Keep in mind Chuai only 10 dollars money, first thought of of but is say toward the mother at the outside of sad and helpless!I want to listen to maternal voice.Listen to just, which afraid not to say a words, a word.
by the other people.We will become an abnormality embarrassed this time, very anxious to seek a ground hole to drill into.If the derision that encounters the other party at this time, you necessarily hate to the bone to him and feel that the other party is to fall the person of the well bottom stone;Is contrary, if the other party pretends ignorance this time and mean what didn't also see, or ignored it to this, you would comply with the surrounding to come off stage a rank, protected own face and supported own sense of pride, but appreciated Cheap Louboutin Shoes the other party..
Because could not walk this forest, he has to all day long are with these monkeys five, follow monkeys exposed to cold and wet on a journey, allay one's hunger by mountain fruit, quench thirst with the mountain spring.In the daytime, he bums in the wood together with the monkeys and looks for the thing that can eat everywhere.In the evening, find out stone cave he goes in to sleep, while the monkeys mostly climbed to the treetop of surroundings.He takes a rest under the tree while canning not finding a cave.Climb arboreal ability to fly to soon make progress slowly, he can also go to bed in the treetop.

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