As well Liu's study method of Ting is spoken of easy, if make track for root words for tracing to origins, mostly can find out a basis from the behavior doctrine the study theory.The mid 50's in last century ago, behavior doctrine study theory at study theoretical research in can say to occupy predominant position.One of the main standpoints of this study theory is to combine incitement and reaction together, this kind of incitement not the output behavior that incitement stirs up known by already, but reaction with enhance to see into one whole.It puts teacher at predominant position, emphasize a knowledge induction, think the student's task is to want to digest and comprehend the contents of teacher's tuition and regard as student the accepting of obj
Hope a younger sister, the very short time younger sister is different from the past after suddenly discovering a father to die, together the face of ear short hair up, there is 1 kind before never just Ren facial expression.We are quiet to sit in silence, there is breeze from the our body in once wear, pounded at into a wind tunnel, in the ear the information that is within hearing Cheap Louboutin Shoes to Louboutin Outlet blare.We the same ear aperture.
The length of the mother to a month of premature deeply has been already realized;The editor of weekly paper understands value for a week;Wait for the madly in love medium lovers meeting realizing to an hour have much endless;The person who misses a train again clear however be late the regret is Cheap Christian Louboutin shoes for 1 minute;The person who just had narrow escape from death never forgets for that a second of struck with fright or horror!
He tightly walks several steps , in mother's in front, slightly knelt down.The mother once turns a face, there is glow-in-the-dark flash across in dim-sighted double of eyeses, subsequently face up peep out the smiling face that a silk comforts.He is already almost the head of full head grey hair to deeply cover up in mother's bosom, the mother chases his Lan in the bosom with that double of hand that studdeds with blue vein and slightly claps.For a long time and for a long time, the mother and child a pair embraces like this.When the mother holds up his face, he is already tears cover the face.
Wu Yun Chu is Jia in Jiangsu to settle a person, he goes into partnership with others in the domestic to found Christian Louboutin shoes monosodium glutamate factory at the beginning of 20th century, be afterwards been called "Chinese monosodium glutamate big king" by people.He once greatly used some kind of brainses on the name of product.

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