Coast Dianna Dress Black
Coast Ceri Draped Pencil Skirt Black White
Coast Ceri Draped Pencil Skirt Apricot

Behind the scenesEdit
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Xerius Ugg led the droid army on Kiros location a trap with the Republic task force that arrived to liberate globally. Though his forces were decimated, he demanded to view Jedi General ObiWan Kenobi, to demand his army's surrender, for he planted thermal bombs all around capital city. ObiWan attemptedto be diplomatic, for he couldn't surrender until he was sure the Togruta were safe. But Ugg was impatient and therefore the negotiations transformed into aggressive handtohand combat. But as he fought with Kenobi, Anakin Skywalker and Ahsoka Tano went around defusing the many bombs. Eventually, a droid attained him personally and told him what is taking. Frantic, he attemptedto hit the detonator but only one bomb went offright at his escape ship. Kenobi then took plus side to the distraction to throw him of this the very best command center. End of it, Kenobi another time asked the spot where the Togruta were but Ugg refused to appreciate before dying.
Star Wars: The Clone Wars 2: Slaves on the Republic Chapter 2: Slave Traders of Zygerria (Mentioned in introduction only) (First often called Xerius Ugg).