Keegan exposing the wearer murderous eyes, nfl jerseys china
staring at his players slowly said, when it comes to the last word when ah, Keegan almost with his own body strength? Out shock George et al ears tingle.

At this point if not a fool, you know Keegan now certainly be very angry, midfielder Steven Gerrard and Frank Lampard, etc., but also one looked down embarrassed, afraid to look Keegan.

"Very good, indeed, a big star, have you at least not by the Danes pressing play, but also to fight back, really good. David, you are the captain of the team on the pitch, you have to assume the responsibilities of the captain, you See if you have just done in the field, you not only did not stop the players of the impulse, but rather to participate in the inside, is what happens when you are the captain's. you guys are really powerful, Danish midfielder everyone worth, and David is not a person, you hit a few people even went to other comparable, really good. "

Watching the players one by one head down, Nike NFL jerseys
we know that was wrong, and if the general case, Keegan also not say anything, but unfortunately this time Keegan was really angry, are not to continue shouted loudly.

"I'm sorry coach, we were wrong, I guarantee this situation will not occur in the second half." As the team's captain, in the face of this situation, Beckham first one to stand up and take responsibility to ensure Keegan said.

With an opening Beckham, Steven Gerrard and Frank Lampard, Paul Scholes, who also openings guaranteed never to the first half as the second half with the Danish team in the midfield Rush.

"The lads, not me, Kevin wanted to say to you, you are the world's one superstar, one by one in the club are the main, or even the core, are the hero and the darling of the fans. Unfortunately, you could see for himself the first half you have done, the game has only just begun to be Danish team goals, you like this where there is little world teams look. Even the Danish team scored a goal, I do not blame you, after all, just the game,wholesale nfl jerseys
You have not entered the state, but you see for yourself, the next time that you have done, came from behind, do not know the score to think of ways, but the Danish midfielder Sike, how like you worthy of tens of thousands of fans outside, how worthy of love your fans. "

Keegan said slowly, although the tone is very calm, but listen to the ears of the England players, but it is so harsh. Especially Gerrard and midfielder David Beckham, after hearing the words of Kevin Keegan, suddenly feel like a sinner in England, their sorry state, I'm sorry fans.

"Well, there is no time, I do not dwell on you, and you are not a child, I think you yourselves know what needs to be done now for me to say how we played the second half, Cole, the current ball team behind, sorry, the second half you first break it, George replace you play, we play three strikers, now the team need to attack. "

Looked at Cole, Keegan said some sorry, after all,jerseys from china
Cole is a good player, just in the first half of the performance is very good indeed. However, taking into account the team's current situation, needs increase attack power, Cole would have been a striker substituted.

While Cole and defensive strength, but Cole is Carlos types, more importantly, is Cole has pace, assists capabilities. Unfortunately, the second half dozen three-striker formation, England will always defend the Danish team quick counterattack, so the England team's defense does not need to go back Cole this type assists assists, but need to Campbell, Rio Ferdinand and Gary Neville such a powerful figure , the defensive ability of people sits back line. After all, compared to Cole followed three defensive above still has gaps.

"I know coach, you can rest assured to arrange it, I have no problem." Cole is a smart player, to hear the words of Kevin Keegan, Authentic nfl jerseys
Keegan replaced naturally know themselves, is the best choice, so there is no comment , who told Cole is not a typical defensive player.

"George, you play the second half, playing right wing position, remember, use your speed and skill, give me a break, passing and shooting. Do not think too much, to break through on the break, do not hesitate."